These Are The Best Hood Movies of the 90s

These Are The Best Hood Movies of the 90s

The 90s were lit! Not only because of the music, but because of the movies that came out of this era. Where would the world be without hood classics like; "Boyz n the Hood," and "Friday?" These movies introduced the world to not only what it's like to grow up in the "hood," but to all-star comedians and actors like; Ice Cube, Tyra Ferrell, Christ Tucker - the list goes on and on! 

If you've forgotten just how great these movies really were - take this time to jog your memory. Here are 10 of the best hood movies that came out of the 90s:

"Boyz N The Hood" (1991)

Cuba Gooding Jr., Nia Long, Larry Fishburne, Angela Bassett, Morris Chestnut, and Ice Cube all star in this cult classic. The story follows the life and every day struggles of two, very different, half-brothers.  

Tagline: "Once upon a time in South Central L.A. ... It ain't no fairy tale."

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