9 Times Michelle Obama Was The Most Relatable Human Being On Planet Earth

9 Times Michelle Obama Was The Most Relatable Human Being On Planet Earth

Michelle Obama has the best kind of swag - classy swag. She's who everyone wants to be! Whether she's dancing with Ellen, talking about Beyoncé, or adorably looking at her husband - she's always exemplifying the best of the best. 

Melania, my dear, you're going to have some big shoes to fill because Michelle Obama is basically the most relatable human being on the planet - that's why we all fell in love with her. She's endearing, smart, kind, and HILARIOUS!

Seriously, show me a more relatable person. I'll wait...

When She Wanted To Get Stuck On A Deserted Island With Beyoncé

Most of us, unfortunate souls, haven't met Beyoncé. But that doesn't stop us from being absolutely in love with her. If I got stuck on a deserted island with a celebrity, I'd want that celebrity to be Beyoncé, too. Who wouldn't?

When She Danced To "Uptown Funk"

If you don't have a low key dance party whenever this song comes on, are you even human? 

When She Gave Major Side Eye

Like many other Americans, Michelle Obama can give some serious side eye. The best part is, she doesn't care who knows it! Love the shade, FLOTUS. Love it. 

When She Called Barack Her "Boo"

Michelle and Barack Obama are couple goals! Not only do they have respect for one another, but they aren't afraid to put their cuteness and affection on full display. They have the kind of relationship we all want. 

When She Wanted Wine In A Box

Opening wine in a box can be a real challenge. To be honest, I still can't do it. However, I feel 10x better about myself knowing that Ellen and our First Lady drink boxed wine, too! 

When She Was On "Carpool Karaoke"

You've probably never been on "Carpool Karaoke." Me neither, fam. Me neither. But, you're probably a fan of the show, right? Well, so is Michelle Obama. How cool do you feel now?

When She Called Her Husband Out

Don't think you're the only one who spills some seriously hot tea. Michelle Obama did...about her husband...on national television. Goals!

When She Wanted To Watch "Frozen"

"Frozen" is the best movie that's ever been created, and it's great to know that the First Lady loves it, too. I wonder if she belts "Let It Go" throughout the White House - that would be amazing!

When She Didn't Want To Be In The Selfie

There are times when you just don't want to be in a selfie. Maybe you don't like the people, or maybe you don't trust them to make sure the lighting is perfect. Regardless of the reason, sometimes you've just got to dismiss yourself from the selfie section. We feel you, FLOTUS.

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