7 Weekend Projects For Dads To Bond With Their Kids

7 Weekend Projects For Dads To Bond With Their Kids

Devoting enough time to your children can always be a challenge. Even if you're fortunate enough to live with your kids full time - finding a bonding activity that'll hold their interest, and yours, for more than 30 minutes can be tricky. I'd imagine it would be incredibly difficult for dads who don't get to see their children all the time. 

To those fathers who can't spend every day with their kids— I'm sure you know how precious time is, which is why you don't want to waste any planning and spending money on baseless activities. Thankfully, there are some inexpensive things you can do with your kids that'll leave a lasting impact on them, and you. 

Playing Video Games

Your kids are probably always playing some sort of video game, right? You should join them! If they love it so much, you might too. Not to mention, playing with them will allow you to better monitor their game choices. 

Organizing A Neighborhood Sport Team

Sports are a great way to spend time with your children - kids love being active! Organizing a neighborhood sports team will show your kids the importance of community and just how easy it is to contribute. You'll be teaching them life lessons without them even knowing it.  

Helping With Homework

Helping your kids with their homework is more interactive than you might think. It can take hours, sometimes days, to build a science project. During that time, you'll be able to communicate with them more, which is the goal!   

Teaching Them How To Cook

It's never too early to teach your kids how to cook. Even if you only know how to whip up a couple things, share those recipes with your children. Plus, when they grow up, they'll be able to say their dad was the first one to show them how to cook! 

Having A Family Game Night

Staying in and playing board games with your kids is the perfect way to spend a night. They'll have fun and you'll be able to talk to them about whatever you want. You can ask about their friends and teachers, all while playing Monopoly.  

Going To Sports Events

You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to watch The Lakers play. You can watch the game from your house or go to a high school basketball game. It doesn't matter. If your son or daughter is a sports fan, watching games will be something you'll be able to bond over for a very long time.

Spending Time In The Great Outdoors

Some people might think camping means setting up a tent in the middle of nowhere - you don't have to do that. You could rent a cabin for the weekend or an RV. Camping is about spending quality time with the people you're with. As long as you're doing that, you could just put a few sleeping bags in your backyard and call it, "camping."  

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