10 Times Michelle Obama Was America's Mom

10 Times Michelle Obama Was America's Mom

Michelle Obama was America's mom.

She worked very hard to help better us, as a nation. The First Lady created initiatives and campaigns, in the hope of making America healthier and stronger. And she didn't stop there. Throughout the years, Michelle Obama consistently proved her loyalty, and admiration, to this nation's girls'. She provided young women with the tools and affirmation needed to be successful and well-rounded individuals. 

She was this nation's rock, and our biggest cheerleader. Michelle Obama was a mom to more than just her two daughters, she was a mom to us all - here are a few of those times:

When She Discussed The Importance Of Educating Young Girls

Michelle Obama has spent her time, as First Lady, empowering women and young girls. She started the Let Girls Learn initiative and has spoke out about the importance of educating young girls - not just in America, but around the world. 

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