10 Times Michelle Obama Was America's Mom

10 Times Michelle Obama Was America's Mom

Michelle Obama was America's mom.

She worked very hard to help better us, as a nation. The First Lady created initiatives and campaigns, in the hope of making America healthier and stronger. And she didn't stop there. Throughout the years, Michelle Obama consistently proved her loyalty, and admiration, to this nation's girls'. She provided young women with the tools and affirmation needed to be successful and well-rounded individuals. 

She was this nation's rock, and our biggest cheerleader. Michelle Obama was a mom to more than just her two daughters, she was a mom to us all - here are a few of those times:

When She Discussed The Importance Of Educating Young Girls

Michelle Obama has spent her time, as First Lady, empowering women and young girls. She started the Let Girls Learn initiative and has spoke out about the importance of educating young girls - not just in America, but around the world. 

When She Danced With Jimmy Fallon

FLOTUS danced all throughout her 8 year tenure, and it was amazing! She had no problem showing her fun side - even if it meant dancing like a "mom." Like many mothers, Michelle Obama wasn't afraid to get goofy and make people laugh. 

When She Pushed For Healthy Living

Mrs. Obama expressed her desire for children to eat healthy and live a more active life - just like every mom out there. But unlike other moms, she actually created a campaign to get it done - Let's Move.

When She Said, "Black Girls Rock"

Michelle Obama always made women feel good about themselves. Especially, black women. During the 2015 BET Awards, the First Lady shared a simple fact with her audience, "Black Girls Rock." Yas!

When She Gave Some Solid Advice

The First Lady was everyone's mom when she shared advice to girls at Harlem's Apollo Theater. Her point: A girl's education should come first, not boys. Preach!

When She Inspired The Nation

The First Lady inspired the nation during her 2012 DNC Speech when she called for people to reevaluate their lives and think about what's really important. How mom of her, am I right? 

When She Made Us Feel Better About Our Test Scores

The pressure of standardized tests can be overwhelming and hearing such a powerful statement from a highly intelligent person, gave students hope for their future - it doesn't have to be determined by test scores.  

When She Fought For Girls Around The World

Michelle Obama didn't just fight for Americans, she fought for everyone. Including the hundreds of Nigerian girls who were kidnapped in the middle of the night. She begged for their safe return, as if they were her very own children.  

When She Taught Us The Importance Of Love

Mr. and Mrs. Obama have shown us exactly what it takes to make a marriage work! The affection and kind words they've visibly expressed during these 8 years, prove that true love is possible. All you need is respect, a huge house, and a good sense of humor ;).

When She Said She'd Miss Us

If you watched Michelle Obama's final speech, you know how appreciative she was to all of us. She talked about how grateful she feels to have been our First Lady. But really, the pleasure was all ours. Mrs. Obama will miss us, but not as much as we'll miss her. 

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